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Looking to improve your BJJ game? or

Don’t have time to make the group classes?

Private lessons will be the best option for you!


Tailored to your individual needs and experience level, our professors & coaches are here to help you achieve your goals. Private lessons are available for men, women, girls & boys of all ages and skill levels.


1-on-1 or group sessions available. To get the best experience out of your private lessons, we recommend getting a Private Pack

(5 x 60 min sessions) or (5 x 40 min sessions)


    •    Training programs tailored specifically to your needs

    •    Learn BJJ from Australia's most elite professors & coaches

    •    Concentrated instruction so you reach your goals faster

    •    Sessions arranged according to your schedule

    •    One off sessions or consistent private classes  

    •    1-on-1 or group private sessions available


Contact us today to book your private lesson

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