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South Pacific Championship

This past Sunday, the South Pacific Championship that was held in Brisbane, brought together some of the most talented and dedicated competitors from around the Southeast Region. From our Yatala team we had a total 8 competitors representing the team!


Lincoln Leggieri: Gi Bronze

Charlie Bartley: Gi Silver

Brooklyn Dyer: Gi Silver/ No Gi Gold

Tyson Barnard: Gi Bronze/ No Gi Gold

Amira Khalil: Gi Silver/ No Gi Silver

Boston-Ricks Barnard: Gi Silver

David Haig: Gi Bronze

Saphire Morgan: Gi/ No Gi Gold

It was day filled with excitement, determination, and sportsmanship and we want to congratulate every single participant. Whether you stood on the podium or not, your hard work and commitment were truly inspiring. Every competitor gave their best, showcasing the spirit and resilience that defines this championship.

A Special shoutout to Lincoln, who competed for the first time. He demonstrated incredible potential and spirit. Lincoln's journey is a testament to the fact that taking new challenges can lead to growth and great achievements.

We also want to extend a massive congratulations to Saphire, who delivered an outstanding performance, earning Gold in Gi and Gold in No Gi. Not only did she secure victories via submission, but also achieved the incredible feat of having no points scored against her! It was incredible Jiu Jitsu!

Thank you to everyone who made the South Pacific Championship a success- from the competitors and coaches to our family and friends for the ongoing support. Once again, congratulations to all, and keep pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve!

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